Tuesday, July 6, 2010

North end, main dam [Victoria Dock construction, Bombay].--Photographer: Taurines, E. Medium: Photographic print Date: 1885

 photograph by E. Taurines of the main dam at the Victoria Dock in Bombay City taken between 1885-1888. Early in April 1886, the contractors Kirby and Co. had nearly the whole of their plant on the ground and the works were being energetically pushed forward. The Musjid and Nicol subsidiary dams were finished, and the staging for the main dam completed and made secure. Tipping earth for this dam was commenced up to the rains. The whole of the concrete blocks for the south end of the Harbour wall were made and stacked in the block yard at the Trustee’s workshop. At the commencement of the monsoon of 1887, the silt accumulated so rapidly between the Prince’s and Victoria Dock entrances that the divers had to stop work. They were asked to remove the more prominent rocks and boulders which had become a danger to native craft between Mallet Bundar and Mazagaon.

North end, main dam [Victoria Dock construction, Bombay].

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