Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Photograph of a goldsmith at work in Delhi in India, taken by Shepherd and Robertson in c.1863. This image of the goldsmith blowing on his furnace through a tube is used as illustration no.186 in volume IV of 'The People of India' (1869). The text states, "The Sonar or gold and silversmith is an indispensible member of the Indian social condition of life; and he is to be found in every village, almost in every hamlet, as well as in all towns and cities. In the Deccan, where original national institutions are preserved in village communes, and wherever they are at present existant throughout India - the Sonar is a member of the hereditary village council, which includes the carpenter and blacksmith, the potter, and other useful and indispensible mechanics, and is twelve in number, presided over by the patell, the hereditary magistrate or head manager."Goldsmith
Photographer: Shepherd and Robertson
Medium: Photographic print
Date: 1863

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