Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mr Merwanjee Framjee Pandoy of Bombay.--Photographer: Bourne and Shepherd Medium: Photographic print Date: 1870

Head-and-shoulders carte-de-visite portrait of Merwanjee Framjee Pandoy , from the Album of cartes de visite portraits of Indian rulers and notables, taken by Bourne and Shepherd in the early 1870s. Merwanjee Framjee Pandoy (d.1876) was a broker to several English trading companies. He was a pioneer of the cotton mill industry and with Sir Dinshaw and Nasarvanji Petit, he established Manockjee Petit Spinning and Weaving Company; later he took over the Oriental Spinning and Weaving Company. Panday also established the Bombay press, East India Press Company, and the Imperial banking and Trading Company.

Mr Merwanjee Framjee Pandoy of Bombay.

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