Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Temple in the Lachman Tal, Gohad--Photographer: Herne, George Edward Medium: Photographic print Date: 1869

Temple in the Lachman Tal, Gohad

Photograph of a temple in the Lachman Tal at Gohad in Madhya Pradesh, taken by George Edward Herne in 1869. The Imperial Gazetteer of India states, "The town [of Gohad] stands on the right of bank of the Vaisali river, a tributary of the Sind, and is surrounded by three walls, within the innermost of which stands a massive fort. The latter was built by the Jat chief Rana Bhim Singh in 1739, and contains a large palace built by Rana Chhatrapati Singh, now used as an office, and several other buildings, all profusely covered with carving...To the south of the palace is a large tank, the Lachman Tal, with a small temple in the centre." Lieutenant-Colonel George Edward Herne of the 103rd Regiment of Foot (Bombay Royal Fusiliers) served in the Punjab Campaign, 1848-49, including at the siege of Multan. Herne's ability as an amateur photographer was well-known and his name was put forward as a suitable officer to undertake the photography at Gwalior.

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