Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bombay cyclone 1882; Death Toll: 100,000

~1882 – More than 100,000 inhabitants of Bombay were killed when a cyclone in the Arabian Sea pushed massive waves into the harbor.

1855 cyclone in Bombay -boats destroyed at Appollo Bunder [lower picture]

A CYCLONE WHICH MISSED BOMBAY:-Cyclone Phyan-Wed Nov 11 2009
Mumbai rains cyclone phyan

were expected to experience high-speed winds reaching upto 90 KM per hour. All 24 control rooms of the BMC have been "activated".;but THE CYCLONE MISSED THE CITY 

Cyclone Phyan bypasses Mumbai, city :-Phyan crossed the coast between Mumbai and Alibag, to the south of the city, between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m Indian Navy helicopter rescued fishermen from a sinking vessel off Ratnagiri, the Coast Guard assisted two offshore vessels at Bombay High which were stranded at sea,.

NASA's Aqua satellite captured the path of Cyclone Phyan where cold thunderstorm cloud tops with temperatures as cold as -63 degrees Fahrenheit (in purple) indicate strong convection is occurring in the storm. Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olsen

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