Sunday, April 21, 2013

German technique for Bokaro road

BOKARO: Bokaro has become the first city in Jharkhand to employ German technique for road construction. To ensure a smooth ride for residents of the township, the Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) has taken up the construction of superior quality of roads using microsurfacing technique, which is a German technology that uses coal tar, stone dust and cement.

This method of road construction was first introduced in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Later, Uttar Pradesh and many other states of south India borrowed this technique, said an official. Sanjay Tiwari, chief of communication, BSL, said, "In the first phase, we are going to construct a 10 km road from Bokaro airport to Bokaro Niwas passing through the Pattarkatta Chowk. The construction started some days ago and should be completed soon." BSL has awarded the road construction contract to Lomesh Slurytech Private Limited (LSPL).TNN It has given a guarantee of five years for the durability of the road. The Bokaro township boasts of a 300 km road connecting different sector areas.

If all goes well, the management will construct other sections of roads, specially the main roads of the township using this technique. The construction of a 10 km road using microsurfacing costs about Rs 2 crore, which is more expensive than ordinary methods, said sources.

Rajbir Singh, the general manager of town and administration, who inaugurated the construction work, said, "The LSPL has assured that the road will not get damaged even during the rains. It is a modern technique and gives better result."
 ================================================== hope BMC  MUMBAI WILL START USING THIS METHOD ;AND STOP THE CORRUPT CONTRACTORS