Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Water board resorts to new manholes system

BANGALORE: In order to address frequent damages and other related problems of concrete manholes in the city, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has taken up a new initiative to avoid inconvenience to the commuters. While taking up manhole construction in busy roads, the Board is doing trials with GRF monolithic manholes which are in ready state and requires only 24 hours to install . It can be noted here that concrete manhole construction needs minimum six to seven days.

BWSSB officials said GRF Monolithic Manholes are strong and expected to sustain up to 30 years when compared to concrete manhole which cost about Rs 25,000. Even though the GRF manhole cost is little high (around Rs 35 to 40 thousand), their installation and operation is easy. Durability here is also more.

One more specialty of the GRF Manhole is jetting hose is fixed from manhole outlet to the top of the manhole. Whenever any blockage occurs, instead of searching for out let they can directly jet through the hose from the top only. GRF manholes already installed near Urvashi theatre, Jayamahal Road, near BHEL in Mysore Road are not having the getting hose facility. If it finds suitable, the facility will be adopted in the network in a phased manner.