Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mumbaikars blame BMC and builder for Campa Cola mess

An overwhelming eight out of 10 Mumbaikars believe that the developer and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) are equally to blame for the fiasco in Worli's Campa Cola compound.

A quantitative survey conducted between October 31 and November 1, by TOI and market research agency Ipsos, revealed that few Mumbaikars thought residents were at fault.

While 46% of those surveyed believed that the developer should shoulder the burden of blame, a near equivalent of 40% believed the BMC was at fault for repeatedly turning a blind eye to illegalities.

Most Mumbaikars, around 45% of those polled, gave residents a clean chit even if they were aware of the violations and invested in the flats hoping the violations would be regularized some day (see graphic).

The Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of 35 floors across seven buildings in the Campa Cola society. The historic order asked residents of 92 flats to vacate their homes by November 11, 2013, following which the civic body would proceed to demolish the illegal floors. The TOI-Ipsos survey was conducted in the wake of this order to grasp how ordinary Mumbaikars perceive such controversies.

Only Mumbaikars who were aware about the Supreme court judgement on Campa Cola were asked further questions.

That builders should be held accountable for such violations was the outright verdict of the masses, with 58% believing that the builder should be blacklisted for violating building regulations, even as 26% of those polled felt that legal action should be initiated against the violating developer. Around 20% of those polled believe that severe financial penalties should be imposed on the developer.

Mumbaikars were also asked if Campa Cola was an unfortunate scapegoat, given the city is plagued with many unfettered real estate constructions. But the view was divided on whether residents were unfairly targeted, with 39% believing they were, while 31% believed they weren't.

With the Supreme Court cracking the whip on Campa Cola society, 39% Mumbaikars believe the builder has paid a price for the illegalities, even as 37% believe he got away too lightly.