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Are Blogger and Google Locking Down Your Blog? | The Web ...
Apr 27, 2009 - This is a very good reason to be using WordPress, Blogger and Google have just started to lock down blogs. Here's the situation
4 of my blogs are blocked already
1-  flmy india-about indian films and  songs
2- interesting news(news)

3-old pictures from internet(educative pictures)
4-love stories(romantic love stories)
other blogs can/may get blocked any time 

this situation  discourages bloggers 

Read Blogger Blogs That Are Blocked in China, India or Pakistan

blogspot bannedIndia has clearly joined the Internet Filtering Club of China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Euthopia.
Several bloggers in India wrote that geocities web pages and blogspot blogs hosted on were blocked by some ISPs in India following Government orders.
The issue is getting considerable amount of attention because Google's Blogger software is the online home of several hundred thousand Indian bloggers.
How do I know if my ISP blocked access to Blogs ?
» Using DOS Ping Tool. Type the following commands in the MS DOS window (Start->Run->Cmd->Enter): ping; ping
If your ISP has not restricted access to blogspot site, you should see something like this:
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=329ms TTL=239

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 294ms, Maximum = 337ms, Average = 323ms
I am Blog Reader. How can I read a blocked site ?
Luckily, there are a ton of alternatives to access restricted websites. Here are some of the most popular workarounds:
1. Use RSS Readers - Open the home page of Newsgator Online, Bloglines or Google Reader and subscribe to the blogger blog rss by typing or in the URL field. You'll be able to see the content because it's served from the cache of web readers, not from Blogger's server.
2. Via Email Services Go to Feedblitz or FeedBurner, type the blog address and you will automatically receive the entire blog posts in your email inbox as soon as the blogger posts a story. You will however miss reading the comments.
3. Via Google Translate - Open Google Translate, type the address of the blogspot blog you want to read and select Chinese to English from the language drop-down. The older English-English Google proxy server trick isn't working anymore. You can also use Google Translate to translate English into Hindi.
4. Via Google Transcoder - Google allows you to read websites on mobile phones using their Transcoder service. You may use the same service to read website on the desktop served via Google .
I am a Blogger and my blog is hosted on a domain. How can I ensure that readers see my blog without interruption ?
Here are a couple of things that may help your blog readers in India, China, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan read your blog even when the local Government has blocked access to the sites:
1. Use Feedburner for syndicating Blog Content [tutorial] - even if the site is blocked, feeds hosted on feedburner will still be accessible.
2. The good news is that while site is blocked, is still accessible which means bloggers can create/edit/delete posts or reader comments from the blog control panel. However if the site is also blocked, here's what bloggers can do to administrate their blogs:
» Convert the Hostname to a Numeric IP address ( - Most ISPs block site by name but not by IP address so this should work.
» If the ISP is smart and even blocks the numeric ip address, convert the IP address ( to a decimal number (1113984868) - Now access the blogger start page by typing http://1113984868
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* Looking at the server referral logs, I can see recent traffic from BSNL, Satyam Sify, Airtel Broadband, TouchTel India, VSNL Sancharnet, AsiaNet and Bharti Cellular. However, there are no current referrals from Reliance Infocom, MTNL, Star Hathway and Tata Internet Services which may signal that they are indeed blocking access to blogspot sites.

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when owning a mobile phone in Mumbai was considered a prestige/privilege ,first mall allowed only people with mobile phone in -1990's-

REAL 1990's STORY OF A STRUGGLING NEW ACTOR CALLED SAIF ALI KHAN standing in front of Mumbai's first and only mall-CROSS ROADS MALL- near haji ali junctionRelated image
Image result for mumbai's first mall

1990's story:-with mcdonalds' at the entrance-where i met this young man standing alone ,forlorn in just ordinary dress leaning against the wall near ,{as he was new in the film industry;i could not immediately identify him }.so i asked few school boys who were getting his autograph to find out his real identity 

now he won't be able to repeat the act !!because he is a great film actor 
people may ask why he stood in front of a mall for publicity?
answer is- that was the first and only mall in MUMBAI at that time -people used to crowd there from all corners of MUMBAI to see a Mall!! there was so much crowd that police were called to control the crowds 
later the management decided only people with a mobile phone can enter the mall
becuse very few people had mobile phones and it was considered a great privilege and fame to own a mobile phone  !!!

Image result for mall-CROSS ROADS - near haji ali junction
Crossroads ,  MUMBAI city's first mall in 1999
MUMBAI: It achieved the unique distinction of being the city's first mall in 1999.

Twelve years later, Crossroads, rechristened Sobo Central after it changed hands, is in for a major makeover.
Apr 10, 2012

First mall may make way for tower - Times of India

Related image

Bean there, not done it yet! | aartimohite02
First McCafe in India at Sobo Central Mall{original name -cross roads mall} in Mumbai

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BLOGGERS ON GOOGLE are constantly harassed by unauthorized persons ,who hack to destroy blogs has been deleted

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Mar 21,2017

to me

Apr 24, 2017 5:30 PM – May 1, 2017 4:30 PM

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