Sunday, July 4, 2010


The British Library says that it is a "Pen-and-ink and wash drawing of the Fort of Bassein in Maharashtra by Charles Reynolds (c.1756-1819) in 1780. Above the wall, breached in two places, are the roofs and towers of the Franciscan church of San Antonio, the Jesuit Church of the Holy Name, the church of N.S. da Vida and the church of the Dominicans. In the distance is the Cathedral of St. Joseph. The Dominican and Franciscan churches were already roofless by 1780. On the right is part of a wicker and bale construction probably connected with the siege operations. The union flag flies over the breached wall. This view is inscribed: 'View of the North Face of Basseen at the Surrender. Decemr. 11 1780. Charles Reynolds del'. In the operations against the Marathas by General Goddard in 1779-80 Bassein was besieged and taken by a small force under Captain James Hartley. It was restored to the Marathas in 1782 but incorporated into British India in 1818 on the overthrow of the Peshwa."

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