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metro near juhu airport (2b) obstruts landing of planes ?confused planning

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To decongest Mumbai airport, 6-year-old plan to extend Juhu runway ...

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7 days ago - ... airport, 6-year-old plan to extend Juhu runway into sea revived ... and Mumbai facing an aerial impasse in terms of growth of connectivity, the ...

confused planning :-

Maharashtra govt shoots down AAI's Juhu airport expansion plan ...

Jan 8, 2013 - ... (AAI) plan to extend the Juhu airport runway into the sea,saying it will ... to revive the project as the Navi Mumbai airport has been delayed.

working at cross purpose

Ministry revives Juhu airport upgrade plan | Business Standard News

Mar 17, 2013 - Civil aviation ministry has revived the plan to expand Juhu airport which will ... Plans include extending of Juhu's main runway into the sea to ...==============================================


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Experts: Juhu airport revamp model unsafe

Chinmayi Shalya, TNN Apr 7, 2013, 01.59AM IST
MUMBAI: A Juhu airport with a realigned runway extending into the sea may be the most unsafe place for landing, said aviation experts after studying a redevelopment blueprint approved for the aerodrome.
On Friday, the Juhu airport redevelopment plan received an in-principle nod from the state government.
The plan includes the extension of the main runway into the sea so that the airport can handle fixed-winged aircraft, and the closure of the secondary runway.
Closing the secondary runway would mean the airport remains shut whenever the nearby main city airport uses its secondary runway. If the main runway at the aerodrome and the secondary runway at the city airport are operated simultaneously, it will bring aircraft that are landing at the two airports perilously close, making the extended runway an unsafe airstrip.

"The Juhu airport runways are laid out identically (to the main airport runways), which means Juhu can use its main runway in sync with only the Mumbai airport main runway," a senior pilot said. "The use of the extended main runway while Mumbai airport is using its secondary runway will create major air safety issues as aircraft paths would criss-cross."

The pilot said there were no two ways about it: operating the Juhu runway when the main airport is using its secondary runway would put people's lives in peril.

Juhu runway extension

MUMBAI: Plans to develop the Juhu airfield received a boost on Monday with the state government clarifying that neither or a coastal road nor a proposed sea link will come in the way of the runway extension project.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) had feared that the Bandra-Versova sea link or the coastal road project would come in the way of plans to extend the airfield 1,000 metres into the Arabian Sea. However, in a meeting with chief secretary J K Banthia on Monday, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) informed the AAI that the projects will not hinder or obstruct flight path as they will be planned at a suitable distance from the runway, both in height and length. "Either of these links are being planned well over 1,000 metres away from the coast and do not seem to be obstructing the runway expansion in any way," said a government official.

The AAI had asked the government to clarify its stand on the project to extend the runway into the sea. To facilitate the process, the state government also agreed to make changes in the development control rules (DCR) to re-notify the airport land to that of an airfield from the existing reservation of recreation ground (RG). With this, the proposed two underground roads or tunnels will also be notified in the new development plan, government officials said. The municipal corporation has proposed to build a 1.5km-long tunnel under the airfield {is it same tunnel as that planned for coastal road or something new??}to ease traffic congestion in the area. "We have agreed to take all these steps to speed the runway extension plan," said a senior official.

The AAI has planned the runway extension to ease congestion at Mumbai airport and permit operation of bigger aircraft at Juhu. The project is estimated to cost Rs 2,000 crore.

t airport plans

Linah Baliga, TNN Apr 17, 2013, 03.45AM IST

MUMBAI: The Airport Authority of India's plan to develop Juhu airport into a commercial airport that supports the operations of 20 ATR aircraft plus private jets is meeting with stiff opposition from Juhu residents, who plan to meet the chief minister and civil aviation minister to present their objections. If necessary, the residents will even file a PIL to oppose the plan, they said.
Juhu residents say that the Rs 2,000-crore project, which would spread across 260 acres, would use government funds and public land to build a facility for private extravagance. They added that the BMC's Development Plan (DP) has for 40 years envisaged sports facilities, a recreation ground and two arterial roads connecting Santa Cruz and Vile Parle. All this would have to be shelved to accommodate the new airport. The iconic Juhu beach and a catchment area for monsoon rainwater would also be damaged.
In the 1970s, a Japan Airlines plane crash-landed into a nullah while attempting to land at the airport, which shows the risks involved in operating larger aircraft there, said residents. A major cause for concern is that the new project's runway would end less than 100 metres from the gate of the 500-bed Nanavati Hospital. "A larger airport would create a mess in the area. It would disturb the patients," said Sachin Nanavati, trustee, Nanavati Hospital. "How would we cope with all the din and noise? There is a lovely terrace for patients, which provides an open view of Juhu beach. It provides a relaxing atmosphere. But the airport runway would lead to the whole area being concretized."
More than 10,000 tourists visit the iconic Juhu beach daily and a runway would destroy it, feared residents, who added that the safety of 6,000 slumdwellers living on airport land must also be considered. Hansel D'Souza, spokesperson, Juhu Citizens' Welfare Group (JCWG), said a large portion of land would have to be raised and concretized to build the airport. "The whole land is swampy and is a holding pond during the monsoon. They will fill Juhu lake and destroy it. This would mean Vile Parle and JVPD could be submerged by floods. The BMC's Rs 85-crore pumping station at Irla has made a marginal difference." He said the residents have begun considering filing a PIL on the issue.
The protest is being supported by JCWG, Mumbai Nagrik Manch and Gulmohur Area Societies Welfare Group. Vishwanath Mada, president, JCWG, said a larger airport would destroy the quality of life. "We are not against the development of the city, but we are against the destruction of the quality of our lives. Knocking off floors of buildings like Mithibai and NM Colleges and robbing Mumbai of green lungs is avoidable," he said. Officials have said they might have to remove floors from the colleges to accommodate flight paths. The residents said that experts have opined that an extra runway at Santa Cruz airport could help increase traffic there. They said the airport at Navi Mumbai should be fast-tracked as a "national priority".


Major obstacle course before Juhu airport project gets green light

Aviation ministry list various issues that need to be resolved before aerodrome gets clearance to be independent airport

The civil aviation ministry’s grand plans to transform the Juhu aerodrome into an independent airport that will operate along with Mumbai airport, catering exclusively to commercial turboprops, pivate jets and helicopters is not going to be an easy task to achieve in three years.

Conceding that executing the Rs 2,000 crore project is going to be tough, the union civil aviation secretary KN Shrivastava, who personally surveyed the Juhu airport on Friday, told Mumbai Mirror, “The Juhu-Tara road is an obstruction for the runway, which has to be realigned and extended into the sea. Rehabilitating slum dwellers from 40 acres of land will be a challenge, as will be carrying on with the 100-plus daily helicopter operations.”

Shrivastava held a meeting with the Maharashtra Chief Secretary Jayant Banthia, MMRDA Commissioner, UPS Madan, BMC officials, other senior government officials and a few legislators before carrying out a site visit.

The ministry at the moment has no idea how many people will have to be rehabilitated. “For the slum patch, the slum rehabilitation authority (SRA) has been approached to conduct a survey so that the affected can be rehabilitated within a portion of the same land. Normal operations will be attempted from a portion of the airport where helicopters will land and take off,” Shrivastava added. The secretary informed that Mumbai airport will be saturated within the next five years.

“With the proposed Navi Mumbai airport project stuck over land acquisition, Juhu will provide a breather,” he said, adding that if the state government was able to acquire the remaining 290 acres within the next three months then Navi Mumbai airport would be a reality in the next five years. To make Juhu airport operate simultaneously and independently of Mumbai airport, the alignment of Juhu airport’s runway will first have to be changed to make it parallel to Mumbai airport's main runway allowing both to be used simultaneously.

Officials from the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and the BMC say the runway realignment will affect existing structures on either end of the runway. “Possible reduction of height of existing buildings around the ends of the runway, which includes Mithibai College and Tulip Star Hotel will come up as the development plan is updated,” officials present during the survey said.

The realigned runway will be higher than the present one and will be on stilts extending 500 metres into the sea, ending about 700 metres before the proposed Versova-Bandra Sea Link, cutting across the Juhu-Tara road, which will become a 400-metre long underpass, and Juhu Chowpatti, which will be developed into a view point from where people can watch planes take off.

Experts called the redevelopment plan a "pie in the sky" as even airlines would be averse to operating from a place which would either violate safety norms or be shut almost 40% of the time.

As part of the Rs 2,000 crore plan, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) wants to extend the main runway 650 metres into the sea while also realigning it.
The extension will allow fixed-winged aircraft like ATRs and Bombardier Q-400 to use the Juhu aerodrome, while the realignment will be done to maintain the required distance from the main runway at the city airport.

The realignment will require demolition of prime property in JVPD and Vile Parle, said experts. While some buildings are in conflict with the proposed realignment, other tall structures pose an obstacle in ATR and helicopter landings.

"The runway will be moved 1,035 metres north, which means multi-storey buildings in JVPD and Vile Parle will have to be brought down to one or two floors," an AAI official said. "If this is not done, no operator would want to operate with so many obstacles in the path."
Experts also said the elevation of the main runway to about 12 metres above sea level would require the elevation of the entire airport, leading to flooding in the neighbourhood in the monsoons.


TOI, BCCL, Mumbai
To apply for an NOC to build above the permissible height (for buildings within a 20km radius of any airport and those not in or near the approach/ takeoff path), a builder must pay an initial fee of Rs 2 lakh to AAI. If the proposal is admissible, the builder pays another Rs 22 lakh-plus for an aeronautical study. So an NOC costs around The norm is followed across India
In June 2011, the AAI began charging builders just Rs 2 lakh for an NOC for projects in the vicinity of Juhu airport. From August 2012, it discontinued charging even the Rs 2 lakh with retrospective effect from April 1, 2012. About 11 to 12 NOCs were issued every month
The upper permissible limit for buildings within a 2.5km radius of Juhu airport (and those that don’t fall in or near the aircraft approach path) is 49.87 metres above mean sea level (AMSL). From June 2011 onwards, AAI started allowing builders to go
Any builder who paid just Rs 2 lakh could build to a height of 56.27m AMSL
Last week, AAI officials, in the interest of safety, decided to review NOCs granted since June 2011. Builders plan to go to court. NOCs have been issued to over 150 projects which do not fall in the aircraft’s approach path. The limit here has been set at 49.87 metres above mean sea level (AMSL). But, citing the Negi report, the AAI started granting permission to increase the heights of buildings to above this limit. “Any builder who paid Rs 2 lakh could build up to a height of 56.27 metres AMSL. Those who did not pay Rs 2 lakh were given 49.87 metres AMSL as the upper limit,’’ Narasimhan said. AAI chairman V P Agarwal was unavailable for comment despite several attempts to reach him.
The AAI, following several protests from helicopter operators has now conceded that the Negi report is technically unsound and so the height increase permissions the authority has granted to builders could compromise flight safety at Juhu airport. “But the AAI has already granted height increase permissions to over 100 builders. Some of them have started constructing. The AAI has a tough job on its hands now,’’ said the source.
Negi had specifically said that the secondary runway at Juhu was redundant, but pilots argued that when Mumbai airport’s main runway is shut and secondary runway used, then the Juhu airport’s secondary runway has to be used as the main runway and Mumbai airport’s secondary runway have converging flight paths.
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Juhu airstrip extension: Activists oppose AAI signboard on beach ...

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Jul 10, 2016 - The airport authorities had claimed that the Juhu extension would help ... crore to revive 50 airports · Juhu airstrip expansion plans on despite .Image result for extend Juhu runway ...

metro 2B and juhu airport
Mumbai Metro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Line 2B

The metro 2B corridor is being constructed from DN Nagar to Mankhurd. The project is estimated to cost Rs 10,970 crore, including land acquisition cost of Rs 1,274 crore. It will have 22 stations on route. It will cost ₹10,970 crores.
It was cleared by MMRDA in April 2016. It is awaiting cabinet approval after which civil work would start in 6-9 monts. It is expected to be completed by 2021. Although it is planned to be made elevated, there are certain issues, such as the line running close to Juhu aerodrome or the dense corridors of Bandra West.
The corridor would be funded by Asian Development Bank(ADB)
System length

UG Elevated At grade UG Elevated At grade
Line 1 Versova Ghatkopar 8 June 2014 0 km 11.4 km 0 km 0 12 0
Line 2 Dahisar Mankhurd 2A-Under Construction 2B-Awaiting State Cabinet Approval 0 km 42.1 km 0 km 0 38 0
Line 3 Colaba SEEPZ Under Construction 33 km 0 km 0 km 26 0 1
Line 4 Wadala Kasarvadavali Awaiting State Cabinet Approval 0 km 32 km 0 km 0 30 0
Line 5 Thane Kalyan Planning 0 km 23.6 km 0 km 0 16 0
Line 6 Jogeswari Vikhroli Planning 0 km 11 km 0 km

Line 7 Andheri East Dahisar East Under Construction 0 km 16.5 km 0 km 0 16 0

Map showing all of the railway services in Mumbai, including the Metro, Monorail and Suburban services

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juhu may hold up phase 2 of coastal road

Govt moots 'under sea tunnel' to facilitate Juhu airport expansion ...

Apr 4, 2013 - Civil aviation ministry has written to state govt to realign sea link with a ... Aviation ministry revives Juhu airport upgrade plan Ministry revives Juhu ... wants Maharashtra government to realign Bandra-Versova sea link and ...
what next ??

Mumbai: Bandra-Versova Sea Link a step closer to reality - News

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May 16, 2016 - The MSRDC has put forth before the chief minister that the Bandra-Versova Sea Link (BVSL) is a good option to the BMC's coastal road plan, ...
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Mumbai: Now, proposed Versova-Bandra Sea Link to have toll plaza ...

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Jul 25, 2016 - This time on the proposed Versova-Bandra Sea Link, this is likely to replace Coastal Road project between these two areas of the western ..

extended juhu airport ??and sea link
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Bids invited for Bandra-Versova Sea Link - Mumbai Mirror

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Aug 2, 2016 - In a clear indication of its plans, the government has initiated. ... The Bandra-Versova Sea Link, which will be built nearly 1,200 meters inside the sea, will run from ... Former MMRDA commissioner and Versova resident Rahul Asthana said he favoured the ... Why should you choose Ria for money transfer?
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MMRDA unveils plan for Versova-Bandra Sea Link

Wednesday, January 02, 2013
By Prashant Hamine
The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has unveiled plans for the Versova-Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) part of the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link along the west coast of Mumbai. As per the presentation made by the MSRDC recently, the VBSL will be a four by four lane, 9.89 Km long and will cost Rs.4,340 crores. Once approved, the MSRDC hopes to construct the VBSL alignment within five years and plans to start the construction work from January 1, 2014.

The VBSL is part of the Western Freeway Sea Link (WFSL) project which comprises of two phases. Phase I of the project comprises of the present 5.4 Km long Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The Phase II of the project is sub-divided into the 3.3 Km long Worli-Haji Ali Sea Link and the 10 Km long Haji Ali-Nariman Point Sea Link.

Justifying the need for the project, the MSRDC argues that by 2011, the population of the city will have grown to 22 million. Besides offering faster mode of transport, it will improve road network in the city. The WFSL is part of the Garland Expressway that is ring road to Mumbai and its suburbs comprising of East Island Freeway, the Ghatkopar-Andheri-Versova link road and the Rajiv Gandhi sea link.

Once completed the traveling time between North Mumbai to South Mumbai and beyond will be greatly reduced by 45 minutes. The MSRDC claims that the traveling on the WFSL will mean that commuters will be able to avoid 14 signals and fuel wasted by idling at traffic signals.

As per the approved alignment for the VBSL, the link will start at Versova with interchanging clover junctions at Versova near Nana-Nani Park, at Juhu Koliwada with a Toll Plaza, another one at Carter Road junction near Otters Club and end with a Toll Plaza at the Bandra end.

There will be intermediate traffic dispersal at Juhu Koliwada. The Versova connector will comprise of three lanes each on either side, with a two lane each for the Bandra and Juhu-Koliwada connectors. The VBSL will be constructed at a distance of about 900 meters away from the coast.

The VBSL alignment will have a Balance Cantilever Bridges of 100 meter span for navigation of fishermen boats at Chimbai Road, Khardanda and Juhu Koliwada.

Besides this new jetties and common areas for fishermen will be constructed at these places. On the VBSL, there will be a Toll Plaza near Khardanda.

During its discussions with the fishermen community at Chimbai, Bandra, Khar Danda, Juhu Koliwada, the fishermens associations approved the VBSL alignment to be constructed at 900 metres away from the coast with a vertical clearance of 11.706 meters above mean sea level for navigation of fishermen’s boats. The MSRDC claims to have secured the no objection clearances from the fishermen community as well as the Bandra West Residents Welfare Association and others.

MSRDC for Bandra-Worli Sea Link handover, but BMC fights shy of ...

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Aug 3, 2016 - MSRDC wants the civic body to pay Rs 2,800 crore upfront so that it can use the money to construct the Bandra-Versova stretch of the coastal ...

no money for sea link but ready for 10 km tunnel to pune :-
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Mumbai-Pune Expressway set to get 9-km tunnel - News - Mid-Day

www.mid-day.com › News › National News
May 12, 2013 - MSRDC awaits cabinet committee nod to begin work on the Rs 3600 crore... At present, the MPE has five tunnels, with the 1.5 km long Kamshet tunnel near Pune being the longest. ... Even with boring technique, the MoEF will want to make sure ... Photos: World Tourism Day - 10 Places all book lovers must visit.
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Can't keep lights in tunnel-planning to make 10KM tunnel!!