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From sea 405 acres,free land 225

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"The tunnels will run under the sea along Marne Drive and Juhu so that the beaches won't ...

Coastal road to run under the sea at Chowpatty, Juhu



According to earlier plan, stretches of the freeway from Nariman Point to Kandivali were to partly run under the beaches; project will now also have public bus service plying along the route.

There's good news for residents and activists who had opposed the plan for stretches of the city's coastal road to be built under the Girgaum and Juhu beaches - the road will now run under the sea itself, leaving the beaches untouched.

According to the Detailed Project Report (DPR) drafted earlier this month, the coastal road will be constructed under the sea along Marine Drive and Juhu, without affecting the coastal area or the beaches in any way.

The two tunnels on the 34-km coastal road - the Juhu-Versova tunnel and the shorter Marine Drive-Napean Sea Road one - were to partly run under the Chowpatty and Juhu beaches. However, the new alignment takes care of the concern that the coastal road could interfere with the beauty of the city's two most visited sea fronts.

"The tunnels will run under the sea along Marne Drive and Juhu so that the beaches won't be affected. We have also changed the purpose of the project from private use to public use, and will now have a Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) operating for public along the coastal road. The road will have 22 interchanges [bus stops] and BRTS will be part of it," said Additional Municipal Commissioner SVR Srinivas. "We have also ensured that the tunnel will not affect the proposed statue of Shivaji Maharaj in the Arabian Sea. All aspects were considered," he added.

Mirror had reported last month that the Juhu-Versova stretch of the proposed western coastal road would run under the beach, according to an earlier plan submitted by BMC to the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. The other shorter tunnel from Marine Drive to Napean Sea Road was also to partly run under Chowpatty beach.

According to the DPR, the coastal road will also create additional open space of up to 225 acres. The report proposes a long, green patch running alongside the coastal freeway, connecting Nariman Point with Kandivali.

The project will also marginally increase the percapita open space in the city from the current 1.21 square metres to 1.28 square metres. The amount of land reclamation as proposed in the DPR is about 405 acres, of which 225 acres will be maintained as open space. The DPR also promises a 40% reduction in the destruction of mangroves from what had been proposed earlier.


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Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) - Ministry of Environment ...
(as amended up to 3rd October 2001) ... The distance upto which development along rivers, creeks and back-waters is to be regulated shall be ... the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974; and except for storm water drains;.

Altering coastal zone rules could set Mumbai up for Kashmir ...
Sep 23, 2014 - The city has at least 500 illegal buildings built on coastal land. ... and roads that have been rapidly encroaching on wetlands, lakes, ponds ... This year, at the start of the monsoon in June, high tide waves lashed the coast and .

of water, certain roads submerged, the airport remained non functional for 2 ... Storm Water Drains, Sewerage System and Solid Waste handling are the vital ... coastal & island nature, population density including floating population and rate ofRELATED NEWS:-

[1]There are 35 fishermen colonies with more than 1 million population on the western coast. The coastal road will adversely impact the livelihood of those depending on fishing activity,'' said Damodar Tandel, president, Maharashtra fishermen action forum

  [2]Section 3 of CRZ Notification provides land reclamation as a prohibited activity,'' the official added.

Backdoor entry for builders’
“The green zone is a misnomer. It is a backdoor entry for builders. Large tracts of land have already been purchased by film makers and industrialists in anticipation of the plan being cleared,” alleges architect Pankaj Joshi of the Urban Design Research Institute.
“This new plan will destroy the natural ecosystem and turn this area into another concrete jungle,” said green activist Debi Goenka of the Conservation Action Trust.
  He also objected to the plan to build a coastal road along the shore.
“This will fall in the CRZ area, so how can it be allowed?” he asked. In fact, he points out that most development in this region could impact the fragile mangrove cover.

Natural habitat of Gorai, Manori and Uttan being opened up for construction

LAST NATURAL HABITAT: Mangroves at Gorai will remain in NDZ, claims MMRDA. Photo: Vivek Bendre
The Hindu
LAST NATURAL HABITAT: Mangroves at Gorai will remain in NDZ, claims MMRDA. Photo: Vivek Bendre
It’s considered one of the last natural habitats in Mumbai — the coastal belt of Gorai, Manori and Uttan which accounts for a whopping ten per cent of the city’s land.
The coastal belt is an ecologically rich zone with beaches, hills, mangroves and mudflats.
But now, the Maharashtra government is in the process of opening up this 10,750 acre stretch of virtually pristine land for construction. A move that is raising serious concerns about whether it is subverting environmental norms and exposing this region to land sharks.
This belt is located on the outskirts of Mumbai, a city where real estate prices are among the highest in the world. It is virtually cut off from the mainland and is home to fishermen and farmers mainly from the East-Indian community. Its only claim to tourist fame — the Esselworld amusement park and the Global Vipassana Pagoda.
In early September, the State presented its plan for Gorai, Manori and Uttan, which aims to improve its connectivity to the city and open large swathes for development. Once it receives feedback from locals by early October, the State could move ahead to implement it.
Till now, just about ten per cent of this area has been developed. Nearly 90 per cent comes under a No Development Zone (NDZ), where construction is restricted. The only activities allowed are agriculture, amusement parks, golf courses, IT parks and entertainment studios. Seventy-one per cent of this falls in the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), where development is further curbed. Two-thirds of the CRZ land is covered with mangroves where the law allows barely any construction.
The new plan carves out large swathes of land from the NDZ and frees it for construction by simply changing its zoning. In the new plan, the NDZ has shrunk to half its original size. Thirty-seven per cent of NDZ land or 3,587 acres will be designated into a Green Zone which allows a host of activities including residential and commercial construction, hospitality and entertainment. For instance, it allows the construction of bungalows, farmhouses, shopping centres, cinema theatres, resorts, hotels and theme parks.
The NDZ will also lose 20 per cent of its land or 1,962 acres to a Tourism Zone and two Development Zones, in the plan. These will also allow activities similar to the Green Zone, with one key addition. They will also allow “special commercial” activities like shopping complexes and malls.
[5]‘Will destroy livelihoods’
Local residents have risen in opposition. “This will destroy our ecology and livelihoods,” says Neville D Souza from the Dharavi Beth Bachao Sangharsh Samiti. “There will be a rush of construction here from the mainland because land prices will be cheaper. The State plans to build two bridges to connect the city to this belt. This will increase the influx to Gorai,” he added.
Not only does the plan scuttle half the NDZ, it also unleashes massive building rights. Within the NDZ, the FSI was just 0.05 for most construction. But the building rights within the Green Zone can go up to five times higher. In the Tourism Zone, building rights are 6 times higher. Within the newly designated Development Zone I building rights can be 10 times higher.
[6]Backdoor entry for builders’
“The green zone is a misnomer. It is a backdoor entry for builders. Large tracts of land have already been purchased by film makers and industrialists in anticipation of the plan being cleared,” alleges architect Pankaj Joshi of the Urban Design Research Institute.
[7]“This new plan will destroy the natural ecosystem and turn this area into another concrete jungle,” said green activist Debi Goenka of the Conservation Action Trust. He also objected to the plan to build a coastal road along the shore.
“This will fall in the CRZ area, so how can it be allowed?” he asked. In fact, he points out that most development in this region could impact the fragile mangrove cover.
The State’s planning body, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) claims its proposal has taken environmental factors into consideration.
“Mangroves cover 45 per cent of the area. These will remain in the NDZ and no construction will be allowed there,” says its chief planner Uma Adusimilli.
“In fact, the earlier NDZ permitted quite a lot of development. In the Green Zone there will be more regulation,” she claims.
The MMRDA says its earlier draft of the same plan in 2012 had less development potential but locals wanted more.
Keywords: GoraiManoriUttandevelopment of coastal beltnatural habitatMMRDAmangrove habitatGreen ZoneCoastal Regulation Zone


[8]No projects alongside coastal road: BMC(HOPE SO)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 - 7:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna
    As per the norms, construction activity is restricted up to 500 metres from the sea's high tide line. Once the road takes shape, with lanes and promenade added along the coast line, the distance between seafront and area up to which construction activities are permitted presently, will increase.

This possibility was likely to leave scope for availing space for construction activities. 
The corporation however, has assured the government that it will stick to the existing line up to which development is allowed, even as distance towards the sea increases once the road is built.
What options are the BMC considering for constructing the arterial road?
The proposed 35.6-km road stretches between South Mumbai and Kandivli. The BMC is considering two options mainly for constructing the arterial road. The first includes reclamation in sea, while the other proposes to have road on stilt through mangroves patches in areas like Bandra.
The first option will cost Rs8,000 crore, while the second is set to cost Rs1,000 more.

Proposed coastal road may run over plan | NiftyDirect › Blog
Jan 23, 2012 - You are here: Home / Blog / Proposed coastal road may run over plan ... The Rs 9,000-crore coastal road can make a Worli-Haji Ali sea link redundant. ... the state government or MSRDC on the coastal road project, he added.

Bandra Residents to protest against Coastal Road project - {Source- TIMES OF INDIA}

Mumbai: A new 35-km coastal road along the city’s west coast, recommended by a joint technical committee headed by civic chief Subodh Kumar, is expected to face stiff opposition in the days to come.

Citizens’ groups, NGOs, environmentalists and activists said they plan to protest against the proposal, which was submitted to chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on Tuesday. The project will destroy Mumbai’s waterfronts, mangroves and affect historical sites, they said.

On Wednesday, representatives of various civic groups gathered in Bandra to chalk out a strategy to oppose the plan. Residents of Bandra Bandstand and Carter Road, who developed and maintained two of the city’s landmark promenades, said the coastal road would finish these tourist spots permanently.

“The BMC and state government sanctioned crores of rupees in the last few years for the preservation of these two waterfronts and Jogger’s Park. This coastal road will override the waterfront and destroy the unique features special to Bandra and Mumbai. In our opinion, this road is not feasible and should not be constructed in a piecemeal and haphazard manner,” a statement issued by various local Bandra organizations on Thursday, said.

“Our objections should be considered before the project is finalized. The coastal road scheme, as envisaged, will entail a huge amount of reclamation of the coast. Reclamation is banned by the environment ministry under CRZ regulations. In order for this scheme to go through, CRZ regulations will have to be waived off/ amended by the central ministry of environment. This creates a very bad precedent not only for Mumbai but for the entire coastline of India,” it said.

The project envisages a road that will commence from the north end of the sealink, skirt Bandra Fort, stretch along Bandra Bandstand, Chimbai village and Carter Road. An elevated road skirting Khar-Danda village will go underground at the airport.

Civil engineer Vikram Rao said an elevated road or a sealink would be the best option. Bandra resident and AGNI member Shyama Kulkarni said the coastal road will destroy mangroves. “It will also affect fishing villages in Danda and Chimbai,” she said.

Environmentalist Rishi Aggarwal said, “In a city starved of spectacular vistas, the coast is Mumbai’s last frontier. The coastal road will kill the soul of Mumbai and its undulating coastline.” Aggarwal said the rapid growth in vehicular traffic will choke up the coastal road within five years. “It will only make contractors rich,” he said.

Real Estate Development Council supported the official's views,
Support from NAREDCO'S unil Mantri, president of National Real Estate Development Council supported the official's views, saying: "The road will require certain area to be reclaimed in the sea. We agree that the stretch should not be commercially exploited. If the government wants to develop recreational space for people, we welcome the decision. This road will be crucial, in view of freeing western suburbs, if the plan is executed in compliance with environmental norms."







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