Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Parol, Thana District. Mota Tankya Temple--Photographer: Cousens, Henry Medium: Photographic print Date: 1898

Parol, Thana District. Mota Tankya Temple

Photograph of the Mota Tankya Temple at Parol, in the Thana district of Maharashtra, taken by Henry Cousens, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections: Western India 1897-98. Cousens reported, "Parol, a village on the east base of Tungar hill, lies about eight miles east of Virar Station on the Baroda Railway. It has the remains of four old Hindu temples...The two Parol temples, called the temples of the Big and Little Pools, Motha Tankya and Lahan Tankya, stand on the southern and northern banks of a stream which runs down the steep side of Tungar...Of the two in the limits of the village of Majavli, one, not more than a few hundred yards south-west of the village site of Parol, seems to have been the largest of the group. Its superstructure is gone, only the plinth and some of the steps remain. The stones and large blocks that lie about are finely cut, though not so well chiselled as the Ambarnatha stones." ('Revised Lists of Antiquarian Remains in the Bombay Presidency', vol VIII of 1897, p.111)

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