Tuesday, July 6, 2010

North wall, looking eastward [Victoria Dock construction, Bombay].Photographer: Taurines, E. Medium: Photographic print Date: 1885

In 1884, a scheme for an extension to the Prince's Dock put before the Government was approved. The extension which later came to be called Victoria Dock was a water space of 24.22 acres, containing three jetties, 400 ft long by 230 ft wide, a passage communicating with the Prince's Dock and a rear entrance. The whole of the concrete blocks for the south end of the harbour wall were made and stacked in the block yard at the Bombay Port Trustee’s workshop. The dock and harbour walls and the 80 ft entrance were finished in December 1887, and the total length of the wharf and entrance walls measured 8,626 ft.

North wall, looking eastward [Victoria Dock construction, Bombay].

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