Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Studio portrait of Sonar group, Bombay.

Full-length portrait of an older, seated man, with a younger man and two boys standing on either side, taken by Hurrichund Chintamon, c. 1867. This photograph is from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections, and was shown at the Paris Exhibition of 1867. All the figures in this image wear the distinctive flat, circular turban of the Sonar caste, who were goldsmiths. This is one of a series of photographs commissioned by the Government of India in the 19th century, in order to gather information about the different racial groups on the sub-continent. Hurruchund Chintamon was the oldest photographic firm in Bombay. Chintamon himself made a notable contribution to the book, 'The People of India', Indian Museum, London, 1868-75.Studio portrait of Sonar group, Bombay.
Photographer: Chintamon, Hurrichund
Medium: Photographic print
Date: 1867

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