Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[View of the Malik-i-Maidan Gun in the Fort at Bijapur.]---Photographer: Hinton, Henry Medium: Photographic print Date: 1865

[View of the Malik-i-Maidan Gun in the Fort at Bijapur.]
Photograph of a view of the Malik-i-Maidan Gun in the Fort at Bijapur. The mount has ''N.13'' written in the lower right corner. The pencilled number identifies this print as one of a series of views with letterpress published by Henry Hinton and entitled 'The ruins of Beejapoor in a series of nineteen views from collodion negatives' (Bombay, 1860): no. 13.  The Malik-i-Maidan or Lord of the Battle Plain, as it was called after the Battle of Talikota of 1565, is now located between two bastions on the western ramparts of the city. The huge gun is 4.2 metres long with a bore of 70 cm. The muzzle has the shape of the head of a lion with open jaws swallowing an elephant. It was cast at Ahmadnagar from bell metal by Muhammad Bin Husain Rumi in 1549, as recorded by two inscriptions on it and a third inscription was added by Aurangzeb when he conquered Bijapur in 1685-86.

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