Tuesday, August 10, 2010

House flag, Anchor Line Ltd-1856- In 1875 the company started a service to Bombay and in 1882 another to Calcutta.

House flag, Anchor Line Ltd
The house flag of the Anchor Line Ltd, Glasgow. A white swallow-tailed burgee bearing a red anchor and four links of cable. The flag is made of a wool and synthetic fibre bunting. It has a cotton hoist and is machine sewn. A rope and toggle is attached. The company name was adopted in 1856 when a steam service between Glasgow and New York was inaugurated (before 1856 the company had owned sailing vessels). The original owners were Nicol and Baird Handyside, a third partner Thomas Henderson joining in 1852. The Anchor Line moved into the Mediterranean trade on their own behalf after a period managing the ships of the Glasgow ; Lisbon Steam Packet Company. An Anchor Line ship 'Dido' was the first to pass through the Suez Canal. In 1875 the company started a service to Bombay and in 1882 another to Calcutta. The latter route became solely concerned with cargo and was sold to the Brocklebank Line in 1912. In 1899 the firm of Henderson Brothers was dissolved and a limited liability company formed with the title of Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers). The company was bought by Cunard in 1911. Badly hit by the depression, the Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers) went into liquidation in 1935 the assets being transferred to a new company - Anchor Line (1935) Ltd. After 1953, Anchor Line became a fully-owned subsidiary of the United Molasses Company. It was sold to Walter Runciman ; Co in 1965 and restructured in 1976. Their ships were painted with a black funnel and hull and a white line above red boot topping and white upper works.

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