Friday, December 10, 2010

Bombay. Shigean A cart driven by oxen The Shigean is a small two-wheeled vehicle in use in Bombay and other Eastern cities. As a rule it is drawn by a couple of small oxen of the Zebu family. The Zebu, which varies considerably in size, is to be met with through India as a beast of draught and burden, and is occasionally used for riding. It can travel from twenty to thirty miles a day, and is a very docile creature. In the past, carts driven by oxen and bullocks were a popular mode of transport for the people of Mumbai (earlier called Bombay). Some of these carts used by the elite had a covered roof and leather seats. The driver usually had a seat just behind the bullocks while his passengers were seated at a height behind him

Old Glory of Bombay (now Mumbai), India

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