Friday, December 10, 2010

The Old Fives Courts, Matoongha Bombay. Dec 1857.

File:5 playing cards.jpg
                        FIVES CARD GAME

FIVES IS HAND BALL GAME ;WITH RULES SIMILAR TO SQUASH version of handball which is a sport in which players compete by hitting a ball with their hands against a wall.  It is played in every country in the world.  The British versions is called Fives and is run by the Fives Federation which oversees the running of one, three and four wall Fives in the UK.  There are over 100 Fives playing centers in schools and sports centers across Britain.  

One Wall Fives is the simplest and cheapest version of Fives.  The rules are similar to squash: players hit a tennis ball against the front wall with their hands making sure that the ball lands within the playing area.  Three court sizes (primary, secondary and competition) allows the game to be played from an early age right through to adulthood.
One Wall Fives is ideal for solving the sporting and social problems for schools and communities in the inner city.  It ensures facilities and access for all because it is inexpensive to play, takes up little space, involves good exercise, competitive spirit and minimal cost to the player or school.

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