Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is a bombay chest:-The history of the bombay chest explains the unique look and Chinese art captured on each piece. It is said that these pieces go back to the 1700’s and the French Regency period. With young Louis XV in waiting for his eventual place on the throne, the furniture makers and artisan had time able to be more casual and creative with their work. The furniture makers built storage cabinets that were bowed and rounded, and added the beautiful art of the Orient. By the time that Louis XV was old enough to take the throne, the bombay chests had grown in popularity and remained that way through the 1750’s. Modern Bombay Chest The modern day bombay chest is still beautifully crafted and designed, but a wider variety of woods and colors used than in years past. Many newer, but classic, art designs are found hand-painted on these chests, to this day. Tratitional Bombay Chest The traditional bombay chest usually offers numerous drawers for storage, and the larger models have doors concealing the treasures. Queen Anne style feet are often found on these pieces to add to the antique look. Gorgeous hand-painted floral designs and ornamental hardware also accessorize them. Asian Bombay Chest The Asian bombay chests are true replicas of their ancestors. The art of mythology and the culture of Asia detail this type of chest, too. Landscape scenes of of the Orient with flowers in deep reds, blacks, and golds will inevitably be found on these models. Contemporary Bombay Chest Contemporary bombay chests combine the original French charm with modern day trends to bring a new look to an old favorite. The use of distressed leather, metal studs, marble, detailed inlay work, and the special veneers and finishes gives the pieces a look of modern antiquity in a class all their own. Painted Bombay Chest There are also the fully painted bombay chests available for the more adventurous individual. These models are bold and big in any setting, so a person should be sure on the color and actual size and style of bombay chest they choose. The painted bombay chests represent the modern departure from the old, but the classic bowed and rounded look remains the same. Some accent painted bombe chests depict exotic pictures of tigers, lions, jungle scenery, Asian culture, floral and vine arrangements, and colorful birds. Asian and tropical images are found on these magnificent pieces. Most are hand painted and can be one of a kind. Bamboo or other woven natural material can be incorporated into this style.

The distinctive chinoiserie style of this period inspired by the Orient gave rise to some distinctive, ornate images not seen before in furniture. Thus, bombe chests of this period often featured intricate floral decorations with exotic animal, bird and dragon motifs.

When Louis XV ascended the throne, the curvaceous and opulent bombe chest was already quite popular. Highly favored by Louis XV and his famous mistress, Madame de Pompadour, the bombe chest became all the rage in 1750's Paris.

Modern Bombe Chests
Modern bombe chests offer a twist to the classical, French design. These days, bombe chests are available in a choice of finishes to complement your indoor decor. No longer limited by laborious lacquer technique, these pieces are often hand-painted and are available in a wide range of color, style and cost.

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