Thursday, October 13, 2011

Esplanade Road (Kala Ghoda)(BOMBAY — YEAR 1880)

Renamed Mahatma Gandhi Road, Esplanade Road, like most parts of South Bombay,
is lined with heritage structures; Elphinstone College and the David Sassoon Library
are amongst the prominent ones.
Established in 1856, Elphinstone College is one of the oldest colleges of the University
of Bombay. During the British Raj, the college was amongst the most coveted.The
building, constructed in the ‘Romanesque Transitional’ style, cost Rs 750,000 to build.
The David Sassoon Library was the brainchild of Albert Sassoon, son of the famous
philanthropist, David Sassoon. Completed in 1870, the building was built using yellow
Malad stone. A white stone bust of David Sassoon rests above the entrance portico.