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as an educational institution going back to 1832. It began as Ambrolie School in Girgaum, later seeing several changes of sites and names, eventually being called Wilson School. A collegiate section from which Wilson College evolved in 1836.
The founder of these institutions was the Rev. John Wilson D.D., F.R.S. of the Scottish Missionary Society. John and his wife Margaret arrived in Bombay on February 14,1829, learnt the local language and with great zeal set up schools for boys and girls of all castes and classes.
John Wilson's work went beyond the field of education. He was a Linguist, an Orientalist, a Reformer, an Author. In recognition of his service to the cause of education, social awakening and scholarship, the Department of Archives. Government of Maharashtra, in 2000 honoured Dr. John Wilson as one of the Seven Founders of Modern Bombay.
The pioneering work in higher education began a quarter of a century, before the establishment of any official body for this purpose. The vision and foresight of Dr. Wilson saw the establishment of the University of Bombay in 1857. On 14th December 1861, the collegiate section of Wilson's institution under the name of Free General Assembly's Institution became the first privately owned, non-government institution to get affiliated to the University.

For many years, both the school and college sections were housed in one building, but largely through the efforts of Dr. Mackichan, a site for the college was secured at Chowpatty and the present college building was opened on 14th March 1889. Thereafter the Institute was called Wilson College. To meet the needs of an ever-expanding student community, several extensions were made thereafter.
The high intellectual rigour and moral excellence of the people who guided the college, saw three of it first four Principals as Vice-Chancellors of the University of Bombay, followed by many distinguished alumni holding similar positions.
Fostering a tradition of liberalism and freedom, the Scottish Principals inspired many students to be at the centre stage of the freedom - struggle Usha Mehta, Acharya Kripleni, S.A. Dange, Aloo Dastoor, B.G. Kher, to mention a few.
Prime minister Morarji Desai along with other Bharat Ratna recipients P.V. Kane and D.K. Karve are also proud alumni of this institution.