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This Lion Safari Park is the second of its kind in India, the first being in the Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad.

The Lion Safari Park in Borivli is a miniature Gir Forest. The 13 hectares site occupied by the park has a gentle slope from north to south. The green rolling hills of Kanheri seen prominently from the safari park remind the visitor of the Girnar hills of the Gir Forests. The Lion Park includes many species of trees characteristic of the Gir.
The 1200 m. long, 6 1/2m. high chain-like fence fitted to channel iron posts encloses the lion park area and is lion-escape-proof. On the northern boundary, the fence alignment goes up a hill, thus including in the Park one complete boulder-strewn face of the hill. This is a very attractive feature which lends beauty and grandeur to the safari park. The fence is painted green and merges with the surrounding greenery.
The visitors to the Safari Park are provided with mini-buses (each with 10 seats) from which they can view the animals roaming free in the Park. These minibuses are provided with safety measures to protect the visitors from lions. A rescue vehicle also with safety measures is always kept in readiness to counter unforeseen difficulties of the mini buses inside the Park. The 1.25 km long, asphalt internal road system within it is planned in such a manner that visitors could be taken rea sonably close to the lions, wherever the lions be within the park. To prevent lions from escaping from the park when the gate is opened to allow entry into and exit from the Lion Park by the safari, a double door arrangement is provided at the gate. The lion house hidden from the visitor's view is a weather shelter to lions into which they are taken daily in the evening for feeding. A natural looking pond provides drinking water to the animals.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Lion Safari - YouTube

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