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This global web site presents OFFICIAL weather observations, weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities supplied by National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHSs) worldwide.   The NMHSs make official weather observations in their respective countries.   Links to their official weather service web sites and tourism board/organization are also provided whenever available.   Weather icons are shown alongside worded forecasts in this version to facilitate visual inspection.

The media are welcome to make information presented in this web site available to the public.   When doing so, credit to the respective NMHSs should be given.

By 1 July 2011129 Members supply official weather forecasts for 1449 cities.  1451 cities from 165 WMO Members also have their climatological data presented in this web site.   Suggestions to enrich the contents of this web site are welcome.

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Weather Forecasts now available from:
*Bosnia and Herzegovina*Botswana*Brazil
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*Costa Rica*Croatia*Cuba
*Cyprus*Czech Republic*Denmark
*Dominican Republic*DPR of Korea*Egypt
*El Salvador*Estonia*Ethiopia
*Greece*Guyana*Hong Kong, China
*Lao PDR*Latvia*Lesotho
*Libyan Arab Jamahiriya*Lithuania*Macao, China
*Macedonia, TFY Republic of*Madagascar*Malaysia
*New Caledonia*New Zealand*NigeriaNew
*Panama*Papua New Guinea*Paraguay
*Portugal*Qatar*Republic of Korea
*Republic of Serbia*Romania*Russian Federation
*Rwanda*Saint Lucia*Samoa
*Saudi Arabia*Singapore*Slovakia
*Slovenia*South Africa*Spain
*Sri Lanka*Swaziland*Sweden
*Switzerland*Syrian Arab Republic*Tajikistan
*Tanzania*Thailand*Trinidad and Tobago
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*United States*Uruguay*Uzbekistan
*Vanuatu*Venezuela*Viet Nam
The contents of the web site are based on the input provided by participating Members .