Thursday, July 12, 2012


Laila Khan case: Human remains found at her farmhouse, say sources
Nashik: A team of officials from the Mumbai Police crime branch has reportedly found human remains at Bollywood starlet Laila Khan's Igatpuri farmhouse, where she was allegedly killed along with her relatives. The remains will now be sent for analysis to ascertain identity, say sources.

Around 1000 policemen had launched the search after main accused Parvez Tak told the Jammu and Kashmir Police that the actor and her five relatives were murdered and their bodies were buried around her farm house in Untdari behind Ghatan Devi. Tak had reportedly told the Jammu Police that Laila, who had been missing for 11 months, was murdered along with her mother, Celina, her two siblings and two half-sisters.

During interrogation, he reportedly revealed that they were shot dead near Mumbai by three men who included Celina's second husband, Asif Sheikh, and a man named Afghan Khan, who was allegedly Laila's lover. Tak, who is Celina's third and current husband, was the other man involved in the murders, he confessed, according to sources.

Tak was brought to Mumbai from Jammu on Sunday night by the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police for questioning in connection with the case.

The Mumbai Crime Branch had begun investigations immediately after taking custody of Tak. A team of officers reached Laila's farmhouse in Igatpuri early on Monday morning. During the search at the farmhouse, four kilometers of the area around was cordoned-off and barricades put up.

Crime Branch officials have also detained Jolly Guilder and Mehboob, who Tak had hired to drive the Mitsubishi Outlander from Igatpuri to Indore and onward to Delhi, and finally to Kishtwar.

Laila lived in a suburban Mumbai flat with her mother, three siblings, and another relative. They disappeared from their flat on February 7, 2011.  The Mumbai police say they were taken by her stepfather, Parvez Tak, to the farmhouse in the Nashik district. This was the last location traced through Laila's cellphone records. A few days later, the farmhouse was set on fire.

The motive for the murder was allegedly the property owned by Laila and her mother. They owned two flats in Mumbai, and Celina's second husband and Laila's boyfriend wanted to stop her from selling these apartments.

Laila was last seen in a movie 'Wafaa' with actor Rajesh Khanna in 20

6 persons' remains unearthed at Laila's Igatpuri farmhouse

Crime Branch closer to solving year-old mystery surrounding disappearance of actress and 5 members of her family with recovery of bodies, 2 cellphones

July 11, 2012

Shiva Devnath
The Mumbai Crime Branch (CB) finally made a much-awaited breakthrough in the Laila Khan case with the discovery of human remains of six individuals buried in the backyard of the starlet’s farmhouse in Igatpuri along with two mobile phones.

After descending on the spot early on Monday morning and working throughout the day and late into the night with no success, the sleuths found the remains buried around six feet deep on the premises yesterday evening.

Where the bodies lay: Cops cordon off Laila Khan’s home and laid a barricade around the home stretching for over 12-km. The police dug up five spots before they found the remains. Tak who until now had been booked for kidnapping, will now be booked for murders. Pics/Sameer Markande
Crime Branch official resumed the search operations yesterday by 11 am and finally made the discovery around 5 pm.
Police personnel from eight police stations in Igatpuri and personnel from various police training schools in Nashik district were roped in to keep the media at bay.
Over a thousand personnel turned the location into an impenetrable fortress by laying siege and barricading a 12-km radius surrounding the property and the routes leading to it, including the three kilometre stretch from the highway.
Digging deep
Five buses full of police personnel from Mumbai reached the spot, Parvez Ahmed Tak was secretly brought in a police mobile van and three teams of forensic experts followed suit.
According to the police, Tak has proved a hard nut to crack and had been misleading his interrogators.
After pointing out five spots, which were dug up with no success, they finally found the right spot after Tak was treated to stronger measures.
A temporary tent was erected over the spot and the digging began.
By 5 pm and four feet into the dig, the sleuths began finding bones.
The digging continued till the trench was six feet deep and besides human remains, the sleuths found two mobile phones and a pillow, which they suspect was used in the crime.
Forensic experts have taken the bones, fingerprints and other vital evidence, which will be sent to the Kalina lab.
DNA taken from the spot will be matched with Nadir Patel to ascertain if they belong to Laila and the rest of her family.
Tak who until now had been booked for kidnapping, will now be booked for murders.
DCP Ambadas Pote of the CB confirmed the findings. He said, “The investigation is progressing in the right direction and only after the forensic reports it will be established if the remains are of Laila and her family.”
Sonu returns from Dubai
Tak in his confession to the J&K Police said he and Shakir Hussein, both residents of Nali Bhunzwah, Kishtwar District, J&K, murdered all six family members a few days before the victims were to leave for Dubai. Laila Khan was going to Dubai to solemnise her marriage with Sonu alias Vafi Khan, who is the son of close Dawood aide Kamal Jadhwani. Based on Tak’s confession, the Mumbai Crime Branch summoned Jadhwani for questioning. Six hours later, he spoke to his son in Dubai and convinced him to return. Sonu reached Mumbai on Saturday and will be questioned by the CB today to ascertain his involvement in the case.