Saturday, July 21, 2012

why not mumbai retain the legacy of victoria horse wagons ;for Tourists;for Newly weds;for Future generations .Dont buckle to pressure to ban it.In many western countries it is not banned

Gosport Carriages "Victoria" carriage 01

The "Victoria" built in 1888 is a splendid example of Victorian manufacture, and is extremely popular with our customers, not only for weddings, but for corporate and pleasure rides.

This elegant and practical open carriage also has a hood in case of rain, completely sheltering it's passengers from the elements.

Victoria's Horse Drawn Carriages-canada

Carriage Ride 


Location: corner of Belleville
and Menzies Streets (beside the Legislative Buildings - look for the
burgundy umbrella!)

Tally-Ho is Victoria’s original horse-drawn tour company that has been creating unforgettable memories for visitors and locals alike since 1903. We love seeing the same customers come back year after year to share their experience with family and friends! Or are you new to Victoria?

Enjoying downtown Victoria in a horse carriage
victoria at vancour -canada 

Victoria Carriage

Victoria carriage Our Black and Burgundy Horse Drawn Carriage offers the ultimate Wedding experience that will stay with the bride and groom forever. You will travel in timeless tradition and style in our authentic Victoria Carriage.
The carriage is built to the highest specification and is properly maintained and immaculately clean with the attention to detail being second to none. It has leather upholstery with tapestry detail and ornate carriage lamps.

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