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This police station is jinxed-MUMBAI

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This police station is jinxed

Personnel at Oshiwara police station think so because it was built on a burial ground; cite examples of three inspectors being suspended in the last one year and three custodial deaths, among other cases
Posted On Friday, June 01, 2007 at 03:27:00 AM

Oshiwara police station is located on Link Road between Andheri and Jogeshwari. Policemen say it was built on what used be a burial ground and this is bringing them bad luck. (Right) Three years back, a temple was built in the premises by a builder

Personnel posted at Oshiwara police station are an uneasy lot. They believe the station is jinxed because it was built on a plot that was once a burial ground.

A sub-inspector who requested anonymity said, “The plot on which the police station stands has brought us bad luck. The police station is always embroiled in some controversy or the other.”

There have been several controversies, including three inspectors suspended in the last one year, three custodial deaths and a couple of officers have been named in bribery cases.

The controversies cited may have occurred in the last five years but policemen insist that there have been several since the station was constructed in 1990. In fact, they are often wondering who the next victim would be.

The station comes under the jurisdiction of deputy commissioner Vinay Choube. He is aware of the apprehension among his personnel. “There is no doubt that the police station has been in the news for some wrong reasons in the recent past,” he told Mumbai Mirror.

Many can’t stand the suspense and seek a transfer from Oshiwara as soon as possible.

Three years back, a temple was built in the premises to counter the jinx though the official version is that it was donated by a builder and has nothing to do with the jinx, sources said.

Senior inspector Kiran Sonone who joined Oshiwara  police station a fortnight ago  has decided to change the perception. He has heard of the history of the police station. “When the police station was built [in 1990], the plot was barren. But there used to be a [Muslim] cemetery at the site,” he said.

He has also heard that the plot brings bad luck to the personnel posted at the station.

“This could just be a belief among some officers. Many buildings have come up on such plots across the city. It is not right to attribute goof-ups to the plot,” Sonone said.

“I am trying to address the doubts among my staff and educate them by making them undergo relevant training. I have also taken the initiative to train my men in improving police-public relations,” he said.
Reasons for the unease
Late 1990s:
A constable committed suicide by shooting himself inside the police station.

June 2002: Senior inspector Arun Kulkarni was caught accepting a bribe. Kulkarni was recently convicted in the case and imprisoned for three years.

September 2006: Senior inspector D N Jadhav unceremoniously transferred after a resident of Lokhandwala Complex complained he was sending her lewd SMSes.

April 2007: Senior inspector Ramkisan Rengutwar transferred after an accused in the (bar girl) Dolly Thakur abduction case escaped from custody. Inspector Dilip Patil was also transferred while inspector Chandrashekhar Gaikwad and two constables were suspended in connection with the case.

April 2007: Constable Ashok Ramane commits suicide at his residence in Vasai accusing a senior of demanding money.

May 2007: Robber escapes from Cooper Hospital where he was taken for treatment.