Saturday, April 27, 2013

Confessions Of A Thug

Front Cover

Rupa & Company, 01-Jul-2002 - Fiction - 547 pages
Confessions of a Thug is a tale of crime and retribution. Set in 1832 in India, the story lays bare the practice of the Thugs, or deceivers as they were called, who lived in boats and used to murder those passengers whom they were able to entice into their company

Confessions of a Thug - a crucial book 

An adventure story about Thuggees with a thuggee as its fascinating hero - or antihero. Taylor's book helped propel the still-continuing wave of popular western interest in the cult.
Philip Meadows Taylor: his stories of Indian life are surprisingly free of condescending western racial and cultural stereotypes.


Confessions of a thug (1839)[read on line]