Saturday, June 22, 2013

British Railways Posters

BOMBAY(MUMBAI) TO POONA(PUNE) G.I.P.(Great Indian Peninsula Railway - Wikipedia)Poona Races Railway  A colonial-era poster advertising the express trains journeys from Bombay to Poona Racecourse along the Great Indian Peninsular (GIP) railway. With such enticing facilities as a ladies' boudoir and baths the new carriages were clearly suitable for the great and the good of British society.
File:Great Indian Peninsula Railway.jpg

                                                               A 20th-century poster for the Great Indian Peninsula Railway

A poster from November 1905 for the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. The India railway service began in 1853 with a 25 mile journey from Mumbai (Bombay). During the year 1946-7 the number of railway employees in India stood at 1,047,000.

November 1905

A poster advertising the Bombay Baroda & Central India Railway, operating between Bombay and Delhi. A train races across a viaduct.
An Engine Is Wheeled
10" x 8" Print of the 1949 British Railways Poster "An Engine is Wheeled" by Terence Cuneo, subtitled "Derby Locomotive Works