Tuesday, October 22, 2013

traffic police officer found using forged chalan books

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AURANGABAD: Activists on Monday brought on serious allegations against a sub-inspector of the traffic police attached to the Cidco division, stating that there were "discrepancies" found in the fine collected by the traffic officials and the ones deposited in the government treasury. They alleged that the traffic personnel used forged receipt books and demanded a high-level inquiry in the matter.

Former corporator Sanjay Jagtap on Monday told TOI that woman traffic PSI Suwarna Deglurkar used a bogus challan book for slapping fines on vehicle owners flouting traffic norms in August and September 2013 and used the original receipt book and deposited a lesser amount in the government treasury. To support the claims, Jagtap has also produced copies of the original fine receipts submitted to the government treasury under the Right To Information Act.

Senior police officials said that the woman officer has been sent on a forced leave for a month and a high- level inquiry will soon be initiated in this case.

"After receiving complaints about the woman officer, I had filed an RTI application on October 19, 2013 and asked for a copy of the traffic police's chalan book, containing receipt numbers from 2904201 to 2904400, which she used for depositing in the government treasury," Jagtap said. "We had already collected six receipts issued by the woman sub-inspector to different auto-rickshaw drivers. On cross-checking the receipts issued by the officer and the ones submitted as government record, we were shocked to learn that different amounts, ranging from Rs 600 to Rs 200, were collected from the auto-rickshaw drivers and other vehicle drivers. In each case, Rs 100 was submitted to the government treasury, using original fine receipts," Jagtap said.

Aurangabad assistant commissioner of police (traffic) Ajeet Borhade said, "We are not denying that such a thing has a happened and this is unfortunate. The complaint against PSI Suwarna Deglurkar has reached the commissioner of police, Sanjay Kumar, and a probe will soon be initiated."

The activists demanded that a high-level probe be initiated against the woman officer and all the fine receipts issued in her tenure be audited.

The copies in possession of TOI show that one receipt issued by PSI Degluarkar to an Ape auto-rickshaw driver, Mahadev Ramchandra Dhakne, with the vehicle registration number MH-20-AA-1902, shows Rs 600 collected as fine under four different sections of the Motor Vehicle Act on August 19, 2013. Contrary to this amount collected as fine, the amount mentioned on receipt number GEN-2904222, submitted to the government treasury, which carries the same details, is only is Rs 100 and mentions only one section of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Police sources said that senior officials had received many complaints against PSI Suwarna Deglurkar of arrogant behaviour in public and abusing vehicle owners, especially auto-rickshaw drivers. After this matter was brought to the notice of the senior officials, Deglurkar was asked to go on forced leave.