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Tata AIR to AIR INDIA to VISTARA 1930-2014

Tata’s Vistara airline to fly from 9 January 2015

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Tata’s Vistara airline to fly from 9 January 2015
Mumbai: Tata is finally making its debut as far as India’s aviation sector is concerned. The  company’s Vistara airline is going to take to the skies beginning January 9.
It is a joint venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines and the company is expected to start its daily flights to very busy destinations like Mumbai and Ahmedabad from New Delhi.
The company was given the air operator permit by DGCA a few days ago. It has been granted a national permit to operate flights to whichever destination it wants.Tatas Vistara airline
The company in the meantime has said that it is already booking tickets to different destinations online. “We have started booking online and through distribution channels for daily service on Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi and Delhi-Ahmedabad-Delhi routes from January 9 on board a new Airbus A320-200 aircraft…We are the first full service carrier in the country to offer premium economy class and not levy separately for fuel surcharge on our tickets”, a top company official was quoted as saying.
Reports suggest that Tata’s Vistara will be using 148-seater aircraft in India initially. It intends to offer 16 seats in business cabin, 36 in premium economy and 96 in economy class in the 148-seater aircraft. Besides, Tata’s Vistara is also going to come out with a frequent flyer programme for accruing loyalty points on actual spend on the ticket fare than miles travelled. Company’s CEO Phee Teik Yeoh in a statement said, “Activation of distribution channels is our first interface with customer and a beginning of a long journey to fulfil our brand promise of seamless travel experience”.

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J.R.D. Tata was a pioneer of India's first civilian airline before it was nationalised.

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