Thursday, October 13, 2011

Round Temple Sandhurst Road

The Round Temple of Bombay is also known as the Gol Dewal and is located on
Sandhurst Road. Around the temple is a ‘stone’ market said to be the city’s oldest;
here, one can choose from a wide variety of stones to use to furnish one’s home.
Nearby are theatres of Alankar and Moti, though the area has come to be known more
for the activities on
Falkland Road. Called “Pillhouse”, the neighbourhood acquired
notoriety in later years as Bombay’s infamous red-light district.
Sandhurst Road is also a railway station on the Central Railway. The area is named
after Lord Sandhurst, who was the Governor of Bombay from 1895 to 1900.

As Bombay's superintendent of police in 1885, Charles Forjett was a favourite of the Indian people. Many wept openly when he returned to England. He sacked British constables who unduly harassed the locals and cracked down on the Parsi mafia which was involved in the liquor business in the Falkland Road area, which included the famous "Play House" which the locals corrupted to "pillhouse". The "Pillhouse" area would acquire notoriety in later years as the infamous "cages" area housing Bombay's infamous red-light district.