Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'A Pattamar boat.'--Artist: Cussans, Thomas (1796-1870) Medium: Watercolour with pen and ink Date: 1820

Pen-and-ink drawing of a pattamar boat on the west coast of India by Thomas Cussans (1796-1870). Cussans served in the Madras artillery in 1814, then the Horse Brigade from 1817 to 1829. This is one of 19 drawings (22 folios) of scenes in Mumbai (Bombay) and the south of India together with a few miscellaneous sketches by the artist between 1817 and c.1822. Inscribed on the cover of the album is: 'Thos Cussans Lt. Madras Artillery. Janry 1817'; and on the title page: 'Thos Cussans, July 30th, 1817'. The pattamar boat was a messenger or mail-boat used on the west coast of India. It was a large, fast and able lateen-rigged sailing-vessel with a sharp forward hull and one, two or three masts.

f.14   'A Pattamar boat.'

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